Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit hangars 1.2
Upgrade 1.2 to 2.05




This heavy looking interior Kit is made to suit extreme environments - Space, Underwater, Underground, and On-ground.

Room-sized Gateways allows various vehicles to let in, then basic ground markings lead the cargo to the tight corridors.

126 Prefabs in 12 Categories, Small and Room-sized Gateways for vehicles, Tight corridors and Huge Rooms, Elevator,

Top-Down pieces, Ambient, Door and Elevator sounds One FPS Demo Scene, One Top-Down Demo Scene.




  • Metallic Setup



Albedo, Normal, Emission


C# SCRIPTS (Unity 5.3)


  • Animated Gate2, to open press button
  • Animated semi-automatic Door2, opens if Player is close enough
  • Animated automatic Elevator
  • Hide Cursor




Space Drone is included,
However Armored Vehicle (by DotTeam) and Submarine (by Reikan Studio) are not included.




  • Prefab Dot_FPC (First Person Controller from DotTeam) have to be used in order for character to interact properly with the scene
  • Scripts are tested in Unity version 5.3




Version 1.2


  • Overall -50% tris from colliders. Colliders were redone for all prefabs, with box colliders and low poly mesh
  • Added Prefabs for Top-Down
  • Added Top-Down Demo Scene
  • Added Six New Objects as prefabs to Props
  • Added One New Object as prefab to Aggregates
  • Added One New Prefab to Support
  • Modified Light Source in some Wall prefabs
  • New Metal Material for all Prefabs (identical to the one in Heavy Station Kit base)
  • New Skybox


Version 1.1

Fixed compability issue with Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base.


  • Previously, because of conflicted identical names of Meshes from different packages, these .fbx were overriding each other.
  • Now names of such .fbx are modified so overriding no longer occurs. Naming of corresponding Prefabs is not changed.
  • Dot FPC was modified to be exact copy of Dot FPC from in Heavy Station kit base.
  • Info file was added to the package with Name and version of package as well as links to Forum, Web-site and E-mail.
  • Scripts that are necessary for compatibility were added.
  • No overriding happens at combining two Kits, thus Console log is clean.


Installation Notes

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